The iTunes race to the bottom continues.

In, every time I change the rating of a song, it hypnowheels for 7+ seconds. And every time a new track starts, it hypnowheels for up to 30 seconds.

Dear iTunes team: you are bad at your job and you should feel bad.

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  1. What's contextually interesting right now is that Apple clearly is willing, sometimes, when the mood strikes them, to burn down their core apps and start again: iPhoto most recently, iMovie before that. With mixed results, to be sure, but point being there's clearly not necessarily an institutional injunction against this sort of thing...

    ...except for fucking iTunes. And I'd really love to know why.

    • Not Frank says:

      This isn't an explanation, but it does describe the problem:

      • jwz says:

        Yeah, I just read that. I loved his bit:

        And the iTunes app itself is the toxic hellstew. iTunes has an impossible combination of tasks on its plate that cannot be done well. iTunes is the definition of cruft and technical debt. It was an early version of iTunes that demonstrated the first software bugs to Grace Hopper in 1946.

    • J. Peterson says:

      Given how iTunes completely infects Apple's ecosystem, it's probably difficult to touch. It's everywhere: music/video/photo management, system updates, on-line stores, etc. A rewrite affects a lot of servers, and a lot of old hardware would need to be left behind.

      Maybe when they finally pull the plug on the non-WiFi iPods?

      • Nate says:

        I assume the mandatory iCloud for contacts/calendar sync in 10.9 was an attempt to remove this component from iTunes' clutches. They failed though.

  2. Jeff Clough says:

    Your Javascript/Sound woes are the hideous birthcries of Gronk 2.0, aren't they?

    • jwz says:

      Jesus, I hope not.

      I wish there was some credible alternative to iTunes, but there is not, if you also have nutty desires like: being able to sync a subset of your music to an iPhone without doing it totally manually, coupled with a complete unwillingness to store music that you own in The Clown.

      • Other Jamie says:

        I hate storing my music in The Clown. It comes out all sticky, with needles and little bits of child.

      • Kyle Huff says:

        The Clown. I am using this.

          • tl says:

            I know you're not a big fan of The Clown, but considering that the (apparent well-received) new Photos app is built on Apple ClownKit, I'm starting to wonder how long until someone tries to built the product that iTunes should be on Apple's own infrastructure. My understanding is that the user-based side of ClownKit's services are charged against the user's data pool rather that the developer.

            Apple's reaction if such a thing ever came to pass would be interesting to say the least.

          • Kyle Huff says:

            Ah, via Jason Scott. Excellent.

        • Owen W. says:

          I'm more of a fan of The Butt

  3. Jered says:

    I'd call it "second system syndrome" but we're at... what, 12th system now? It's fractally broken.

    I appreciate the "infinite combination of tasks" allegory; iTunes is basically Apple's emacs without an open platform, RMS, or the ability to send mail. You can see their desperate attempts to escape from this synctacular monstrosity through the aggressive push of iCloud, iTunes Match, Apple Music, and so forth. I don't even try to backup my phone to iTunes anymore because who knows if it will succeed.

    Apple and Google both have backed themselves into corners with their sclerotic failures at software development. Google has the advantage that they mostly understand what it means to run a service, while Apple has the advantage that they mostly undersatnd what value UX designers bring to a project. But they're both so broken.

    It's going to be an exciting next decade. I'll get the popcorn.... and the antipsychotics.

    • Eric says:

      If you go into iTunes Store, and click the "Send iTunes Gifts", you are dumped straight into an interface for sending an email...

  4. they used to have the best, then they started hiding it all behind menus, then they hid the menu.

    not the best, that.

  5. jwz says:

    Well, that's two hours of my life I won't get back. I just restored from backup to downgrade back to iTunes, then manually re-imported everything that was missing. Because of course they revved the database number and the old version won't read it. Of course they did.

    I also re-discovered that much of the time, iTunes doesn't bother to flush the "year" field back out to the ID3 tags. No idea when or why this happens. Hooray.

    But look, no more hypnowheel.

  6. David A says:

    Out of curiosity, how big is your main iTunes library? I'm juuuust short of 100GB for my entire mp3 stash (16,000 files), and I even think a majority of that was paid for at some point.

  7. Lloyd says:

    With its emphasis on tables-based spreadsheet curation and database management, iTunes is killing music.

  8. John D says: may be broken, but at least the Spinning pinwheel looks beautiful in OS X 10.11 ;)
    <img src=";

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