It's basically a commercial for Autodesk, but funny...

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  1. Jef Poskanzer says:

    I think my entry would be an off-the-shelf excavator, jackhammer attachment, some up-armor on the hydraulic hoses, plus sheet metal to make it look like a dinosaur.

    • jwz says:

      And the spergelord endgame of a Cocktail Robot is a beige vending machine. But that one won't win, out of sheer joylessness. You know why nobody watches Robot Wars? Because nobody wants to watch Wedge #1 artlessly rolling underneath Wedge #2.

      • Jef Poskanzer says:

        I suppose, although a lot of people would watch buildings being demolished by fake dinosaurs.

  2. joe luser says:

    Where is robot dance party? Robot dance party could win this.

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