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Shoggoth Tits

This is the sound of inevitability.

See also.

Seriously though, enough with the doglizards. Someone train a new net already.

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Scene missing! A video in this post has disappeared. If you know of an accessible version of this video, please mail me so that I can update this post.
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Dark Matter, Howard the Duck

Dark Matter is the worst thing I've ever seen on television... ok, in at least six months. Let's take that one hallway set from Stargate Atlantis, call up Central Casting for some cheap knock-offs of the cast of Firefly, but wait, then let's give them all amnesia, Space Amnesia! Oh, and by episode three we've already trotted out Space Zombies. Oh, and in a clever screenwriting twist, the Asian dude is good with swords! And rub it all with extra Canadian. So much Canadian. (Including: the boring doctor girlfriend from Lost Girl plays a robot, doing her best Data impression but just looking really depressed/sad about it.)

On the other hand, the Marvel Team-Up with Howard the Duck and Doctor Strange is pretty much the greatest thing ever. Howard the Duck is officially the best thing in comics right now.

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Look, I want to make a bar bot that is a spider that climbs up your leg, uses its forelegs to pry open your mouth, then gently inserts its silicone ovipositor to inject you with your chosen shot of liquor.

And as it is squirting pressurized tequila down your esophagus, it will say, "I am the GoogleBot! I am here to index you! I am the GoogleBot! I am here to index you!"

Is that so wrong? Who do I know who can help me develop the necessary skill set?

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