DNA Lounge: Wherein we hurry up and wait.

Wondering what progress we've made on CW in the last three weeks? None! Absolutely no progress. Arguably, negative progress. It's like there's a big pile of cash sitting there, and it's on fire, and all of these people are just standing around looking at it and yawning. It's not quite a bonfire but it's definitely simmering.

I just wrote a several-hundred-word blog post explaining the hows and whys of the nothing-happeningness of it all, but I can't post because the people I ridicule in it could still make our lives even more difficult if they felt like it. So you don't get to know. Smiles, everyone smiles!

Look, here's an empty room in which nothing is happening:

We tore down some drywall and found this buried underneath it. I wonder how many years it has been hidden in there.


This proves it: the quantum foam is made of puppies. It's puppies all the way down.

"Each frame is recursively fed back to the network starting with a frame of random noise. Every 100 frames (4 seconds) the next layer is targeted until the lowest layer is reached."

It starts going dog-shaped at around 1:45, and we're fully floating in a cosmic background radiation froth of doglizards by 3:45.

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DeepDream Porn

It was tricky, but I finally managed to fap to this.

I lied. It wasn't tricky at all.

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Neural morphing

DeepStereo: Learning to Predict New Views from the World's Imagery

Flynn and co's new approach is to train a machine vision algorithm to work out what the new image should look like having been trained on a vast dataset of sequential images.

They trained their algorithm using "images of street scenes captured by a moving vehicle." Indeed, they use 100,000 of these sequences as a training data set.

They then tested it by removing one frame from a sequence of Street View images and asking it to reproduce it by looking only at the other images in the sequence. Finally, they compare the synthesized image with the one that was removed, giving them a kind of gold standard to contrast it with.

The results are impressive. "Overall, our model produces plausible outputs that are difficult to immediately distinguish from the original imagery," say Flynn and co.


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Star Trek Communicator Bluetooth Handset

So your phone can be in your pocket, while your much bigger phone is in your other pocket!

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I might have needed a $1000 latte foam printer, if that's what this was.

Except that they aren't actually selling a printer. That's not their business model.


It comes with a $75/month subscription fee, because their actual business model is "capture your customers' personal information so that they can turn your customers into their product."

Remember when companies used to try to make money by selling you things, instead of by selling you out?

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It's basically a commercial for Autodesk, but funny...

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The Unnamable Unimaginable Thing In My Basement

"What size is the thing?"
"It's kind of hard to tell because of the non-Euclidean geometry.
It's kind of cyclopean in scale."
"Could it be a squirrel?"

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