Architecture fail

Rincon Center has this central waterfall in the middle of its huge atrium. For years, there has been a sign next to it saying, and I paraphrase, "Stop whining at us about wasting water, this thing is a part of the building's HVAC system, we're so green."

But now, it's turned off, and there's a new sign that says "No waterfall for you, because drought."


Also: this fountain is one of my favorite examples of design not surviving contact with The Enemy. The water lands in this flat circular area that is level with the rest of the floor, pooling only about half an inch deep before draining off at the edges, like a small-scale "infinity pool".

But it's surrounded by sixteen absolutely hideous planters that look completely out of place, and break everything up.

I guarantee those planters weren't a part of the plan. I'm certain that they went in on day two after they realized that 50% of the people passing through the building just blindly walked underneath the waterfall and got soaked.

Which would be the best feature ever. They should have left it alone. That would have never stopped being funny!

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Update: Commenters below have found a quote from the designer about this!

"Holy shit," Hollis said out loud. The reaction might have been mistaken for awe over the rain column... But Hollis was stunned by something else. Arrayed around his pool were six clusters of large plants. Worse, much worse, was what was within the pool itself. Perched on black podiums were six dolphins carved out of ice....

Sure, he and Jay Mancini had discussed the need for some sort of barrier around the edge of the pool several times in recent weeks, after at least two people hd walked into the water and fallen while scouring the ceiling with their eyes for the source of the waterfall. Hollis had proposed an unobtrusive, eighteen-inch-high railing. Mancini had said he did not think that would be enough of a barrier.

At one point, Ken Tardy walked over, smiled, and said: "Well, Doug, looks pretty good. How you doing?"

"Well Ken, how did you enjoy drinking my blood?" came the sharp reply.

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