DNA Lounge: Wherein the Second Annual Cocktail Robotics Grand Challenge is upon us.

In just a week and a half, we're celebrating the coming war between man and the brotherhood of machines by going out for drinks! Did you get your tickets yet? Let me introduce you to our confirmed contestants so far:

Alcohol from the skies! Protective gear will be provided -- but you're gonna get wet.
N. E. BREE-8:
"A robot may not, through inaction, allow a human being to come to sobriety."
Tipsy Train:
An unstoppable LEGO juggernaut on wheels! Think Snowpiercer but with alcoholism instead of cannibalism.

"I suggest a new strategy, Sir: Let the Artoo unit win."
This rocket ship makes Cosmopolitans, Cape Cods and Kamikazes, using old-school knobs and dials for that 50s retro flavor.
The Tea Engine:
Dial in your classic tea service in style from a rotary telephone!
We have extended the registration deadline, so if you think you can pull something together in time, you still have a shot!

We also have as our special guest DJ: Robot Dance Party, San Francisco's own ambulatory sound system, recently perp-walked out of Dolores Park for being just too awesome!

Here is our panel of celebrity judges for this year:

Hosted, of course, by the inimitable MC Kingfish of Hubba Hubba Revue.

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G.I. Jane

Here's a short film about The Patriarchy, in case you didn't watch Mixtape 156:

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