DNA Lounge: Wherein no ducks are given.

So this happened:

I'm assuming it was an Emotional Support Duck.

Have you noticed that we replaced the fluorescents in the big sign with LEDs? It's so much brighter than before. Ooooh, aaaaah:


XScreenSaver 5.33

XScreenSaver 5.33 out now. iOS version, too.

  • New hacks, Splitflap and Romanboy. There are some fun, physical-glitch behaviors in splitflap. Keep looking.

  • Better detection of user activity on modern (ha) GNOME systems.

  • Sonar now does asynchronous host name resolution.

  • Vastly improved Unicrud and Z̧"̘̖̫̱̖͉̬͈̥͔̳͎̝͜͡A"͍̹̮̺͓̤̺̺̖̤̥̖͍͎̙̫̫͙̜L͉̹̙͎̻̱̳̦͢͞Ǵ̶̷̛̠̠͕̯͖͈̟̝̮ͅǪ̩͔̪̲͍̹̩͕̕͠͝ͅ support.

  • Performance improvements on MacOS and iOS.

  • The Android port is coming along nicely. It's not quite to the point where it's time for me to post an .apk file yet, but it's getting there. If you have an Android development system, please give it a spin and let us know how it works for you. xscreensaver/android/README.

  • And, you know, other stuff.

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Mark your calendars

Upcoming events of note:

Fri, Jul 03:   Turbo Drive: Dance With The Dead @ DNA Lounge
Thu, Jul 09:   Doe Eye @ NightLife at the California Academy of Sciences
Fri, Jul 10:   Veruca Salt @ Slim's
Sun, Jul 12:   Cocktail Robotics Grand Challenge @ DNA Lounge
Mon, Jul 13:   Shellac @ New Parish
Fri, Jul 17:   So Stoked: Time Machine @ DNA Lounge
(The candy rave is doing a steampunk night. This is the best worst idea ever.)
Fri, Jul 17:   Melissa Brooks & The Aquadolls @ DNA Lounge
Fri, Jul 17:   Little Boots @ Popscene
Sun, Jul 19:   Dead Sara @ DNA Lounge
Mon, Jul 20:   Tamaryn @ Rickshaw Stop
Thu, Jul 23:   Big Talk @ DNA Lounge
Thu, Jul 23:   Charli XCX @ Fox
Fri, Jul 24:   Shura @ Popscene
Mon, Jul 27:   Jamie XX @ Bimbo's
Wed, Jul 29:   Happy Fangs @ Rickshaw Stop
Thu, Jul 30:   Chemical Brothers @ The Armory
Fri, Aug 07:   Outside Lands
Tue, Aug 11:   Screaming Females @ Rickshaw Stop
Wed, Aug 12:   King Raam @ DNA Lounge
Tue, Aug 25:   Savages @ Great American Music Hall
Wed, Aug 26:   Mstrkrft @ Mezzanine
Thu, Sep 03:   On An On @ Popscene
Thu, Sep 17:   Thrill Kill Kult @ DNA Lounge
Fri, Sep 18:   Joywave @ Popscene
Fri, Sep 18:   Dollyrots @ Bottom of the Hill
Fri, Sep 18:   Severed Heads @ Elbo Room
Wed, Sep 23:   Say Lou Lou @ The Independent
Fri, Sep 25:   Front 242 @ Mezzanine
Fri, Oct 02:   Duran Duran @ Greek Theatre
Tue, Oct 06:   Say Hi To Your Mom @ The Independent
Wed, Oct 07:   Garbage @ Fox
Thu, Oct 15:   Wolf Alice @ The Chapel

What have you got?

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How to build your own Bene Gesserit Pain Box

Exhibit A:

And people say I'm hard to shop for.

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Helper often speaks of the coming war between man and the brotherhood of machines.

Worker killed by Volkswagen robot

A 21 year old external contractor was installing the robot together with a colleague when he was struck in the chest by the robot and pressed against a metal plate. He later died of his injuries.

A Volkswagen spokesman stressed that the robot was not one of the new generation of lightweight collaborative robots that work side-by-side with workers on the production line and forgo safety cages.

VW said the robot had not suffered a technical defect.

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