Ubers aren't taxis, except when they want to be.

Now That Taxis Have A Small Advantage On Market Street, Uber Wants To Be Treated Like Them

Usually insistent upon being considered a "Transportation Network Company," which is to say a technology business and not some sort of retrograde taxi service, Uber "Technologies" has changed its tune this week at the appearance of a small advantage for taxi drivers. [...]

This August the SFMTA will restrict cars traveling between Eighth and Third streets from turning onto Market Street. All vehicles will still be able to move straight ahead and cross Market, and exceptions to the turning rule will be made for taxis, emergency vehicles, paratransit vehicles, and commercial vehicles such as delivery trucks. No exceptions will be made for Uber, Lyft, et al.

[...] the company wrote in an email to the public that grossly elides the facts of the new rules. For starters, the email is called "Allow Uber On Market St.," which, okay, literally no one is saying Uber can't operate on Market. You just can't make turns like emergency vehicles or taxis, which, quick refresher, are a thing which you guys have desperately fought to not be.

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3 Responses:

  1. Bradley Dunn says:

    They really are scum

    • db48x says:

      No, I suppose on that score they're pretty normal. Companies fight over classification of products and services all the time, and it's always to get an advantage; qualifying for tax breaks (or just different rates on different types of goods), escaping regulation, etc.

  2. Cat Mara says:

    But... but.. disruption?

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