jwz mixtape 155

Please enjoy jwz mixtape 155.

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  1. Johnathan Titor, Sr. says:

    1. Is it self-selection, or does ALL electronic music sound like a Gary Numan + Kate Bush collab?
    2. Is every electronica band required to form their name by inventing a mid-naughts dotcom name and then CAPITALIZING it to produce ASMR MS MR MGMT KRDR XCX?
    3. Is the 80's the new 50's? Why wasn't Marty McFly thronged by people wishing to dress like him? "WHERE DID YOU GET YOUR OG BLAZER MIDS DAWG THOSE ARE SIKKK! YOLO! LOWFI!"
    4. In a post "Rap-God" world, can one unironically enjoy Max Headroom? Or should I just take that and all of my EBN videos and pile them on my funeral pyre?

  2. nooj says:

    youtubedown: downloading playlists not currently supported,
    since Youtube disabled the v2 API. Thanks, Youtube.

    So now even youtubedown might have a youtube-api dependency? I wonder what the browser-plugin youtube downloaders are doing. Robotic registration?

    Youtube v3 API is so CADT-riffic! Even ignoring added difficulties caused by authentication, they unnecessarily changed so much nomenclature. statistics instead of yt:statistics. likeCount instead of numLikes. JSON responses instead of XML. Video duration is now an ISO 8601 date-time, instead of an integer number of seconds. Because the duration of a video needs to support a four-digit year and leap seconds.

  3. foot says:

    I want to say I enjoyed a lot of the songs, but that's not cool. So I won't.

  4. Pronoiac says:

    You might like Kaleida's Think. It was in John Wick, at the start of the club scene.