The most important takeaway is that in a random set of eight 30-year-olds, three will know kung fu and/or gun-kata, one will be a super-hacker, and four will have no appreciable skills of any kind. (This is where you give the side-eye to your circle of friends.)

It wasn't bad -- though I feel like nearly every idea in it had already been exploited, better, in seasons 2 and 3 of Orphan Black. Sense8 has a much bigger travel budget, though. It's also just loaded with pandering and clichés, and every sub-plot eventually trudges toward the most obvious-possible happy ending.

And, like Lost, it left me wanting to scream "You incurious motherfuckers!" at the TV multiple times. Because, by all means, never bother to do any experiments to determine the limits of your new superpower when glassy-eyed amazement will do.

I think the moral was, there is no problem you can't solve by punching it.


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