No Future

I just re-read The Invisibles from the beginning, and wow, is it drug-addled perfection. A lot of Morrison's stuff swings the needle a little too far toward "manic gonzo incoherence" and away from "story", but this series straddles the line very well. It's also much more amusing after having read his semi-autobiography Supergods, which goes into a lot of detail about how insane his life was at the time, and how he saw the comic as some kind of sympathetic-magic invocation.

In particular, I would like to share these panels, written in 1997, showing what morning-commute radio was to be like in San Francisco in the far-future year of 2012:

Let's review:

  • Nanobots, comma, plague of;
  • People know who Terence McKenna is, comma, take seriously;
  • Schwa face;
  • Mayan apocalypse;
  • Motorcycle HUD pr0n;
  • Max Headroom broadcast hackers, comma, terrorist;
  • Swearing!

No Future, indeed.

On the other hand: drag queens, clowns. Ok, fair. There's really quite a lot of that sort of thing in my life, here in The Future.

And finally, we'll just file this under "Wow, do I know that feel":

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