Ripsaw EV2 Luxury Super Tank

Unclear whether Russian mail-order bride is included.

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Completely legitimate fear.


when i was younger i had a really bad fear of danny devito when i was going to sleep so my older brother gave me a watch that he set to like 8 hours ahead so that it was always daytime on the watch when i was asleep and he told me it would confuse danny devito and he would think it was daytime and get scared of the sun and leave me alone
Your brother is the best
Who the fuck changed this from vampires to Danny devito
the real question is why I was completely ready to accept that this person had a debilitating childhood fear of Danny Devito
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DNA Lounge: Wherein you run around in the dark, gobbling pills and listening to repetitive music.

Oh yeah, this just happened:

Manufactured four years before DNA Lounge opened.


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