Screw You, Milk Companies: Is One of the Last Bastions of the Old Internet

Looks like danfuzz registered it only 6 weeks after was registered!

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Today in Killdozer news

A man was charged with attempted murder in Australia on Monday after allegedly stealing a bulldozer, crushing four cars and then driving the machine through a house.

"We just run out the front door screaming as we're running out the front, Nick my neighbour next door came running over and he's screaming at us at the gate to 'get out quickly, it's about to bulldoze the house down'.

"We then felt the house lifting as we got to the front steps."

Police were forced to smash a window of the bulldozer and pepper-spray the man before hitting the emergency shutdown button to stop the rampage.

"The 48-year-old man is known to the family," New South Wales police said in a statement, adding that he had been charged with attempted murder.

His motive was not known although the Sydney Morning Herald said police are expected to lay a total of 11 charges against the man including breaching a court order imposed against him to protect one of the females living in the home.

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DNA Lounge: Wherein I direct your attention toward the parties and robots on the calendar.

Ok, enough about architecture and morality, how about I tell you about some upcoming shows that you should attend?

The bad news is that you have some hard choices to make.

Odd Salon
Peter Murphy
Jessika Von Rabbit
This Tuesday:
    Odd Salon, our bi-montly weird-history drunken lecture series, is in the big room instead of upstairs! It's really fun, you should come check it out. Because we put this one in the main room, that means that Tuesday night's installment of Sequence will be upstairs. Sequence, by the way, is our new-ish weekly 18+ Tuesday house-and-dubstep party. It's a bit lightly attended so far, but growing. We have high hopes for it. Odd Salon ends early, so I expect to see you at both!

This Thursday:

Hubba Hubba
Turbo Drive
Cocktail Robotics Grand Challenge
This Friday:
    Hubba Hubba. Last weekend was the annual Burlesque Hall of Fame in Las Vegas, and as is traditional, Hubba Hubba Revue is bringing basically the whole damned convention back with them for the big Friday show. If you don't go to Hubba often, this the one to see, because it's packed with out-of-town acts you won't get to see very often.

Also this Friday:

    A pseudo-reunion of one of my favorite bands, Halou! You may also know them as Stripmall Architecture. Halou is their earlier project, and they don't play live in that configuration very often. Ryan hates it when you refer to Halou as "triphop", but let's face it, it's triphop.

    So obviously I'll be seeing Halou, then the last half of Hubba. Sorry, Kingfish.

Next Friday:

    A rare Friday, big-room installment of Turbo Drive, our periodic retrofuturism synth party, this time with Gosteffects. The 19A0s were my favorite imaginary decade.

One month from now, Sunday July 12:

    The Second Annual Cocktail Robotics Grand Challenge! This was so much fun last year. If you haven't watched the video, you gotta.

    But, I'm in a complete panic about the number of contestants. It will probably be fine, but... panicking anyway. To be honest, last year I almost pulled the plug on the party because it was only a couple weeks out and we didn't have enough entries, but it turns out, absolutely everybody signed up their robots just a couple days before.

    Please, people -- don't do this to me again. If you're planning on entering a robot, give me some peace of mind and do it soon!

    Also, if you know anyone who builds janky Rube Goldberg contraptions and doesn't mind getting their hands wet (or getting drunk) please do encourage them to enter. Because who doesn't love weapons of mass intoxication? We need more. Mad science, onward and upward.

    Apparently I don't travel in the right circles to harangue people who build robots. We tried canvassing at Maker Faire, but that was a complete bust. I know it's getting close to showtime, but if you know of people, groups, events or blogs we should be reaching out to for this, let me know! Surely some of your friends have a bar bot sitting in their storage unit that could stand to have its pipes cleaned.

    Help us spread the word!


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