The Cheetah murderbot can jump now

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  1. Ryan Russell says:

    This is like a clip from the title sequence from a new terminator movie, showing decades of research going by in a couple of minutes.

    • James says:

      We need to extend the montage through Roko's Basilisk and its corresponding two basilisk friends (assuming eventual corruption of Asimov's three laws. Maybe if some of them had multiple Laws corrupted that would make seven total.)

      • tobias says:

        asimov's laws, moreso than most laws, were designed to be broken. the problem is people seem to read the laws and not his stories.

  2. mattyj says:

    When they teach it to chase down and kill a zebra, then I'll start to worry.

  3. How is it possible that no one has mounted a skull on the front of this thing?

  4. I love that the way they film this incredible piece of futuristic high technology is by having a guy holding a video camera sitting in a wheeled box, with another guy running along behind, pushing the box at the same speed as the cheetah.

  5. Jake Nelson says:

    0:06 "algrotihms" does not make me confident on their QC process.

    ] "dno't kill humans"
    ] "dno't" not recognized, ignoring
    ] kill humans

  6. joseph blowseph says:

    so much duct tape

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