jwz mixtape 154

Please enjoy jwz mixtape 154.

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  1. John Kodis says:

    I'd like to know what the casting call for the first video went like. I imagine the producer's call to a talent agency starting "Hi! I need seven tall thin white girls". "Sure, we have plenty to choose from". "Okay, great, and they all have to look alike. Any chance that you have seven identical twins?" "Click, buzzzz."

    • bob says:

      I was thinking more like they originally wanted professional dancers and a choreographer but found that expensive, so they resorted to having models walk around with sticks. Watch the video for "Let Forever Be" and then watch this "Go" video. It's a real shame that it stopped making sense to pour real money into music videos.

  2. callmenerdly says:

    You likely already know, but youtubedown cannot access this video (the Chem Bros Go one, at least):

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  3. Pronoiac says:

    It looks like the San Cisco - Magic video is now marked private. Was it (what claims to be) the official video?