It Begins...

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  1. Will Scullin says:

    Religiously adhering to the MPOE style guide.

  2. Once upon a time that hotel had working phones.

  3. Will Scullin says:

    That is what five nines looks like.

  4. John Adams says:

    Only the finest low-end crown amps will do. At least they put in the 4002's. They retail around $900 each and put out 1200W @ 4Ω

    • someguy says:

      And here I thought that was the only pic that didn't look absolutely awful... this just highlights how little I know about larger scale audio systems.

      On the other hand I look at the devil's demarc wall and want to cry. Or burn down the place for the insurance money, not sure which.

  5. So is this going to be a complete gut and rebuild like DNA was, or just a freshen up?

    • Glaurung says:

      There is no such thing as a "freshen up" -- you start out thinking it's going to be an easy reno, only to discover midway through that every single person to touch the building since it was originally constructed was far less competent and capable than a drunken chimpanzee. And that's just for houses. Commercial properties are even more nightmarish, because the health & safety codes are more byzantine and rigorous.

  6. Julian Calaby says:

    The phone wiring looks like the sort of nightmare you should remove with an axe.

    In other news, it's probably not as bad as the office building I work in. When we moved into our suite, I pulled 20m of phone cable out of the walls which was disconnected at both ends and the riser cabinets are patchwork and mostly unmarked. Oh, and this is Australia where only certified professionals are allowed to touch the wiring in there. They also contain the building's original PBX as nobody can be bothered removing it.

  7. Brian B says:

    So are you now officially a mogul?

  8. anotherdave says:

    So will you rewire from scratch, or are all these valuable workarounds for bugs?

  9. Bill Paul says:

    something something grim meathook future something something

  10. apm74 says:

    "Apt 209 10-31-92"

    'Twas a momentous day...

  11. James says:

    If only there was some way to make sure that all those block terminals have access to live music.