Facebook: lying liars. Water: wet.

Hey, remember when I said:

Hey, remember when Facebook's hateful "real names" policy got a lot of press because they went nuclear on a bunch of queens? And then they put out a contentless, fawning press release with a fauxpology in it?

And remember when they then they got a ton of shamefully credulous press from people saying, "Well, that's all better then"?

And remember when people like me said, "You know, maybe you should save your applause for after they've changed either their official policy or their demonstrated behavior, or both, because they haven't", and nobody listened?

Well guess what, it took seven months, but said drag queens have finally noticed that Facebook's bullshit was bullshit. Now they have a petition to ban Facebook from the SF and NY Pride parades. Which you should probably sign, because why the hell not. Anything that causes discomfort to their PR flacks can't be bad.

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12 Responses:

  1. Lisa Robles says:

    I 'member when you said that. Signed.

  2. Tom Lord says:

    (signed). It is impossible to centrally govern a massive social network non-oppressively. Facebook can and should fix this one problem but it won't ever be the last. In the bigger picture, their technology architecture and their business model need to die.

  3. Signed, for whatever good it will do.

    (and also luxuriating a bit in a rousing chorus of "I told you so" to the dozens of idiots who thought that this was only a google plus problem and that facebook was somehow not enforcing the policy that they clearly had)

  4. Mike says:

    Given there are zero practical consequences for using a Photoshopped ID on facebook - as there is no reasonable way for FB to dereference that ID to check its validity, given that they accept 'any government ID' - the problem seems to solve itself...

  5. FB Shill says:

    Have you tried looking at this from Facebook's point of view? All the legacy databases and databrokers work exclusively in terms of the names recorded on government issued IDs. For them to efficiently buy and sell your personal data in that environment, they have no choice but to use the same primary key. They're simply a victim of brittle, unyielding legacy systems.

    Perhaps as a compromise, they could allow any name, as long as you tie it to your SSN?

    • nathan says:

      Oh! I see what you did there. That's clever. It really is.

      Sorry to say, though, it's as clever as forming a female bandit gang called 'The Cobra Clits'.

  6. Richard says:


    • foot says:

      Came here to post this. Bit ironic that there's a nice little 'like' button embeded so every one can share about a facebook hating story.

      Either do it or don't.

    • jwz says:

      But they got a fifteen minute phone call from a billionaire, don't you know how big that is? It means they're almost like real people!

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