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BTW, I feel that you should mock the stupid fake award they gave DNA -- "Best Place to Wear Costumes" -- WTF??
I dunno, I think mocking it would sound like sour grapes.
But that's as bad as the award they gave us in 2003, "Best Place to See an Electronic Duo Score My Dinner with Andre"
Read it, it's unbelievably stupid. It shits on every event it can, and mentions Hubba is for the "burlesque and steampunk" crowd. Because you know, that's a thing.
Did we really win nothing but "costumes"?
Unless DNA started making beard wax SF Weekly is dead to all of us.
I'm at the party now. It I'd terrible. It's also about half the number of people from last year, and next to nobody cool. Entertainment so far was a band who I assume were very sad gold miners, and they moaned and wailed and played their olde timey instruments, and then 3 acts by Hubba Hubba... Which scared most of the crowd into perverted silence.
I feel like SF Weekly has turned a corner... And not a great corner.
Perverted Silence is my new butoh troupe. We're premiering at Paul's.
Your butoh troupe would be a huge improvement on this party.
Objectively I can tell you that the next 2 generations don't know how to have fun.
I'm not saying they're having fun a different way, because they aren't. They just look confused and ask the guys at the rotisserie chicken truck if they have vegan options.
Vegan story: real.
Right now there's a band playing that sounds like the music from an 80's cop comedy.
Sax... O... Phone.
Kinda want to post this transcript.
Don't name me, I still have to work with these people. :)
Just say it's your agent on the ground.

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18 Responses:

  1. NT says:

    I didn't realize people kept reading SF Weekly after Silke Tudor left.

  2. That made what was already a pretty good night that much better. Perverted Silence butoh FTW.

  3. Geoff Smith says:

    "best place to go that you don't want to be recognized"?

  4. Rae Deslich says:

    You're already drunk, aren't you?

  5. hattifattener says:

    Wait, are you saying the "burlesque and steampunk crowd" isn't a thing?

  6. Oh I mocked you. Don't you worry about that.

  7. You should come back and have one of my Manhattans... I know drinking booze doesn't fix everything, but neither does drinking milk.

  8. Kim Wilson says:

    "perverted silence" hehehe

  9. Shane Knapp says:

    hey, i still actually HAVE that "my dinner w/andre" award that we won w/:code. :P

  10. TimeDoctor says:

    If iOS ran X11 and messages were written in motif....

  11. Kyle Huff says:

    I feel like Max Martin is to blame for the resurgence of saxophones in contemporary music.
    That guy's a friggin' genius.

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