Crowdfunded MDMA

This will go smoothy, I'm sure.

This Couple Is Raising $1 Million to Fund Medical-Grade MDMA and Mushrooms

Altogether, Krebs and Johansen are looking to raise $1 million. Once they reach $300,000, they will start the process of manufacturing psilocybin. Another $300,000 will allow them to produce MDMA. The remaining $400,000 will support their efforts to decriminalize and reduce harm around MDMA and psychedelic use. [...]

Once the manufacturing process is up and going, EmmaSofia will sell high-quality, "reasonably priced" psilocybin and MDMA to authorized parties, said Johansen.

EmmaSofia also plans to distribute free psilocybin and MDMA to Indiegogo donors based on how much money they gave. In order to receive the drugs, however, donors would have to secure legal permission from their home country -- a process that, realistically, will probably only be feasible for a limited number of people.

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  1. Sure it was hard getting postal, FDA, Yucatan Conservancy and interagency permits to Other Malkovich's Brain, but once we had our third season of foaling MDMAs and our packaging events became an art community thing, we could file Farm prospects with confidence. And these clothes we didn't eat when some squares came knocking.

  2. James says:

    David Nutt (the M.D. who famously got fired by the UK government for telling the truth about the relative harm of the vast majority of western recreational mind-altering substances) has some things to say about what should be legalized and what should be prohibited.

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