Cocktail Robot Kickstarter


When you press that button on the app, your Somabar will take the ingredients from scratch, infuse bitters (if you are in the mood) and dynamically mix them in precise quantities using positive displacement pumps before pouring out your craft cocktail in less than 5 seconds. The mixing comes from a combination of fluid dynamics, kinetic energy, and turbulence created by static vanes.

I like their animations, but my feeling is that if these folks are not entering their device into the Second Annual DNA Lounge COCKTAIL ROBOTICS GRAND CHALLENGE on July 12th, then they are not putting their money where their mouth is!

Or their drinks where... my... mouth is.


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10 Responses:

  1. Barry Kelly says:

    Strong flavours going through inaccessible tubes, pumps and crevices. What could go wrong?

    • Paul Rain says:

      Many things- but the 'water flushing container' does look like it may have some significance in preventing those things from occurring.

      • James says:

        Dried and unrefrigerated fruit juices and cream liqueurs need more than just flushing with room temperature water. It's not going to last a month before relegation to the attic in most cases.

        • jwb says:

          I used to build diagnostic robots that handled much worse fluids than some dumb old fruit juice. An acetone flush followed by deionized water rinse is all this machine needs.

          • James says:

            Fair enough, but is there any way to automate that without any chance of getting acetone in drinks?

            • Nick Lamb says:

              Depends how strictly you insist on this word any. Is there any way to achieve heavier-than-air flight without any risk of plunging screaming to your death? No. But it's a popular mode of travel anyway.

              It was widely believed (including by ex bar-staff) that one of the night clubs I frequented when I was much younger often ended up serving line cleaner in the drinks. So far as I know nobody died, from the drinks at least.

  2. Owen W. says:

    Ok I guess, but I feel like the greatest minds of our generation could be put to better use.