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Hamburg Brick Train:

It must have happened in Barmbek where the train was stopped at 8 clock in the morning on Tuesday. The 17 stones were tailored according to the Federal Police precisely to the input range and stacked professionally. "The stones were accurately measured," said federal police spokesman Carstens. "There's quite craftsmanship behind it."

According to the Federal Police, the Ytong stones were attached to each other with an adhesive and also attached to the door trim with adhesive. That there is a single offender who should have all the stones alone transported to the siding in Barmbek, keeping the police at least unlikely. The federal police began by finding that the perpetrators had climbed over a fence on the sidings....

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2 Responses:

  1. This is Deutschland we're talking about so of course you would expect the stones to be "accurately measured".

  2. Christian Vogel says:

    As a German I can attest that we take our train-masonry very seriously! With accurate Greetings...

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