Sears 1981 Tele-Shop Catalog laserdisc

Actual blipverts! High weirdness dance routines!

For easy access, all merchanise shots are identified on the main index by frame number, and all motion sequences by chapter number. Because this is an interactive disc, you must keep the frame display on screen at all times for proper operation!

3:57: "The future of catalog shopping has never been brighter."

16:01: More blipverts!

"One of the holy grails of laserdiscs, this was sent out to people who had sent in the registration cards for the Pioneer VP-1000 laserdisc player, Pioneer's first US player. This was supposed to be the future of catalog shopping but was the only edition released. I transferred this on a player able to override the picture stops and play straight through."

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6 Responses:

  1. Doc says:

    Given the date the animation on the first vid appears to have been Scanimate'd, courtesy of one of the following: Dolphin Productions, Image West, or Computer Image, Inc. (where I worked). My best guess is it was produced at Image West since, best as I can recall, at CI we were busy creating at least one backdrop video for Rush's Moving Pictures tour; a single-o Candy Givens vid and the usual horseshit bread-and-butter work: waterbed store commercials, local news station openings and other standard industrial film work.

    Virgil was right: tempus does indeed fucking fugit, often -as in this case- hilariously.

  2. McMikey says:

    There's a very sassy pelvic-thrust fence installation manoeuvre at 24:02.

  3. Nate says:

    We had the 2nd swingset at:

    Generally solid, but the blue hard plastic seats degraded from UV light after a few years. Or maybe because we were standing on them. Fun times!

  4. nooj says:

    some great music videos in there!

    "walking on white beaches / reaching for seashells"

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