Go Team Venture

Some friends and I are re-watching The Venture Bros from the beginning, and this is how we fortify ourselves:

So far, we're able to sprint through about 18 episodes before we are too (doc) hammered to continue.

I find that the show makes a lot more sense when binge-watching it. The multi-year gaps between seasons were long enough that I had basically forgotten everything that happened. It's a more coherent overall story than you might remember. And when watching the DVD versions rather than the TV versions, there is really a lot more lovingly-rendered ball sack than I expected.

Also, let me say that this season of Archer is gold. I wasn't crazy about Archer Vice, but this season is their best so far.


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  1. Phil Nelson says:

    It really is a lovingly-crafted show. Venture Bros gives so many fucks. I recently re-watched 3 but it's been a couple years since I started from scratch. Even the commentary tracks are good.

  2. Ry Jones says:

    The commentary tracks for the Venture Brothers DVDs are excellent, especially in the later seasons where they figured out lav mics.

  3. Grace Bones says:

    and you didn't invite me?

  4. Mike McCool says:

    Agreed with the new season of Archer, too.

  5. Ivan Vazquez says:

    My only beef is when Sergeant Hatred becomes a regular.

    Dr. Orpheus and the Monarch are killer though.

  6. I'm still looking for my Dr. Girlfriend. But with hair like Saffron from Republica.

  7. RegorA says:

    My experience with "Archer Vice" is that it benefits from the same process. After watching it all in one sitting it's much more satisfying than it was trying to watch week-to-week, which I gave up three episodes in.

    Also, I agree about this season - it's fresh and funny.

  8. Otto says:

    Venture is fantastically crafted, with humor on many levels. I've watched it in binge form a couple times, and seen things I missed previously in almost every episode.

  9. A friend who is currently working through Archer Vice reminded me that the season opened with a montage of the rest of the season. I remember telling myself that I'd have to go back and re-watch the montage to see whether it was truth or lies.

  10. Ben says:

    Really? I'm in the minority in not liking this go-round of Archer? I thought it was starting to peter out ("phrasing!"), like SeaLab - the jokes seem reduced to single-entendres.

  11. Steve says:

    It must be the vermillitrask, because I can't tell what kind of tomatoes these are or that you said DVD instead of BD. Are you sure you didn't mean LaserDisc or maybe a flash keyfob done up with some mane and blisters as a fetish?
    Maybe your upsampler is just awesome. Got a Vill...Viera...you're running it through mplayer's character mode output, right?

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