Firehose versus Flamethrower

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  1. flodadolf says:

    Without digging into Youtube, I'd like to point out that this person was riding in a wheeled vehicle with his foot dragging on the ground.

    This makes him unsafe and subject to sanctions, despite the obvious (drive the flame up and extinguish the source, culminating in success) win of the situation.

    My condolences to all who follow this fellow, lest they also risk their ankle in such a manner.

    Repeat after me, kids: It's always better to die in a fire than to trash one of your ankles (of two) fighting a fire and win. Never let your foot dangle alongside the cart atop which you ride.

    Your very-own ankle may depend on it!

    • flodadolf says:

      Nevermind the sound of a valve slamming shut just a fraction of a second before the fire ceases. There is no Hollywood here, I assure you. Mind your feet and ankles, boys and girls: They're the only pair you have. OSHA rules, etc.

      • jwz says:

        I am shocked -- shocked -- to learn that someone shooting a flamethrower at a firehose might not have been a safety-oriented individual.

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