I'm only up to episode 7, but wow, Daredevil is amazingly good! And it has some of the best fights I've ever seen on TV.

Fisk is perfect! Stick is perfect! Foggy is just the right level of goofball.

That hallway fight, with the six minute tracking shot!

First they do a slow build, down the hall once, peeking in the rooms to establish the space; then fight after fight, some of them off screen, which is fine because we already know the rooms; and the whole time the camera just stays out of the way! Then it ends as slowly as it began, and we never actually get to see into the Bad Room at the end of the hall. I backed up and watched that scene twice. You never see that combination of physical badassery and cinematic restraint. I haven't seen fight cinematography that good since Haywire.

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  1. Nice to see someone nod to Haywire. Love that little movie.

  2. Grace Bones says:

    ok, fine. this is probably the fourth or fifth post i've seen about how good this show is. guess i'll check it out.

  3. KK Celine says:

    I love the "Oldboy" nod is episode 2. SUCH a great fight scene

  4. Kyle Huff says:

    I just watched John Wick again. So am I in a good place to watch Daredevil, or should I wait a week?

  5. Rae Deslich says:

    I dunno about -great-. It looks like the rest of the slightly-cheap Marvel Studios shows out right now.

    Daredevil also has a serious women-in-peril problem. 4 out of the first six scenes in ep1 had crying women in it- I stopped counting after that. The first non-brutalized woman is the real estate agent who only exists for that scene, a bartender with one line, and then there are no more female characters who aren't victims until Rosario Dawson in ep3.

  6. Glaurung says:

    Daredevil tortures a man in episode 2. That was when I bailed. I wouldn't watch 24, and I won't watch this either. Torturers are not heroes, and I'm sick of Hollywood trying to tell me otherwise.

  7. mattyj says:

    Quote from the stunt coordinator regarding the single-take fight:

    "No cuts. We did do a few Texas Switches between our actor and our stunt double, but it was purely a one shot fight. There were no cuts in that fight. Every performer, the actors and the stunt doubles, were in there performing that fight full on. I’d say there was a minimum of 105 beats, and they killed it."

    Switching out the actor with a stunt double makes it even more technically impressive to me. I'm still trying to figure out what kind of camera rig they could have used to do this.

  8. watched episode 1 last night.

  9. Geoff Smith says:

    That six minute fight was amazing. Reminded me of the hallway fight sequence in Oldboy.

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