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DNA Lounge update, wherein I ridicule Facebook some more, then collaborate with the Panopticon.

Adult Wednesday Addams pulled from Youtube

Unlimited copyright extension encourages innovation! Youtube's algorithmic interpretation of "fair use" use is reasonable and even-handed!

Hi everyone! Thank you for the outpouring of support and concern about the disappearance of Adult Wednesday Addams from the internet. As many of you have seen, the Tee & Charles Addams Foundation flagged the show and, for now, it is off of YouTube. I am working actively on coming to a resolution and will not let Wednesday be caged in internet purgatory. I appreciate your patience and support while... I sort this issue out!

Obviously, this is very upsetting that the videos aren't online. Wednesday means so much to me as I know she does to you. Thank you for all of your enthusiasm. Your support every step of the way has meant the world to me.

UPDATE: At this point, the Tee & Charles Addams Foundation cannot do anything to change the status of this issue, so sending messages and donations will not remedy the situation. If there is anything that can be done in support of the series, I will let you know. Thank you again for everything!

Full Heart, Dead Eyes, Can't Lose.

Her now-mostly-empty Youtube channel is here. If you haven't seen all 13 episodes of this hilarious series, it's still easy for you to do so: oh look, torrents. That doesn't give her the ad money, though.

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Emoji taxonomy:

"Happy faces, sad faces, hearts, hand gestures, romance, other, monkeys, party, holiday, violent, flowers, clocks."

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Youtube has finally destroyed their RSS feeds

A few days ago they turned off the v2 API in favor of v3, but v3 has no mechanism to get an RSS feed (or any other kind of listing) of a Youtube user's uploaded videos without authenticating first.

Because RSS feeds are not a thing that you should want.

Youtube: every day, making everything worse, in every way.

I don't know if anyone but me is using my youtubefeed program, but if you are, and you had Youtube users in your feeds list, you'll need to upgrade, and cope with the horrible fact that it now has a dependency on youtube-api.pl. (You'll need the latest version of that, as well as of youtubedown.)

But using youtube-api.pl at all means that first you have to jump through a bunch of hideous hoops to generate authentication keys and session IDs, pretty much ensuring that it's far too much of a pain in the ass for anyone to actually use it. Are you using it? Let me know.

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