Dali Clock 2.42: Android!

Robin Müller-Cajar and I have ported Dali Clock to Android! Finally!

It's not in an app store or anything, because I don't know anything about that crap, so you have to manually install the .apk file. I assume everyone reading this knows how to do that.

It runs as both a normal application and as a "Daydream" service. Select Settings / Display / Daydream / Dali Clock, and it will run automatically as a kind of screen saver when the device is docked or charging. Android 4.2 or newer is required.

Like the iOS version, there is no preferences panel. Swipe left or down to decrease the number of digits; swipe right or up to increase. Tap to momentarily display the date. Double-tap to toggle 12- and 24-hour mode.

Let me know what performance is like on your various devices.

The emulator doesn't seem to be able to emulate more than one Android device, so I haven't witnessed it doing its thing on a tablet or a Google TV or anything like that.

Hopefully it will track your locale's rules about the order in which day, month and year appear, and whether 24-hour time is the default.

I'd sure appreciate some advice from experienced Android developers about what we did wrong, since this is my first trip down this road. In particular, the android/Makefile is a horror show. Do I really need to type in a password every time I want to build the .apk file?

I'm also suffering PTSD at just how many useless subdirectories this effort resulted in. I'm sure that some of this is unavoidable Java insanity, plus a layer of Android insanity on top, but seriously? It goes fourteen levels deep!

I would like to make pinching do the same as swiping, but I couldn't figure out how one does pinch gestures on Android.

When changing the device's orientation, it takes a long time to react. I don't know if that's because I'm doing something wrong, or if that's just how Android is. (I've only seen this thing running in the emulator, not on a real device.)

So far, I have not discovered any way to get Android Studio on OSX to show me the output of Log.d() or Log.i(), which makes all of this incredibly difficult to debug! Even when I do "adb -e log cat", nothing shows up. Well, a lot of crap shows up, just nothing I printed. Does this happen to everyone, or am I just lucky?

Oh, also, Joshua Wise ported it to the Pebble Smart Watch. The source for that is in this release too.

That's probably not the watch you were wondering about, right?

So it turns out that an Apple Watch port of Dali Clock would be kind of pointless, because the Apple does not allow you to build custom watch faces at all. No, really.

And as far as I can tell, the only way to get custom graphics onto the watch is to basically package up and hand it the equivalent of an anim-GIF. So the way that would work is, you'd launch an app on your watch, which would launch an app on your phone, which would then start spraying image frames at the watch over bluetooth as quickly as possible -- which they say is something like 10 FPS when they are looping. In the case where every frame is different forever, who knows.

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jwz mixtape 152

Please enjoy jwz mixtape 152.

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Being Framed Need Genetic Engineering Help

Being Framed Need Genetic Engineering Help

Posted: 2015-04-08 9:07am

compensation: Competitive

I am a billionaire who needs help creating a mouth wash.solution.gum with CRISPR-Cas9 containing viruses that will change specific genetic loci in my cheek epithelial cells to prevent a positive match against DNA found at the scene of a crime (my DNA was planted by a Doctor who is Doomed).

Skills Required

  • CRISPR-Cas9 engineering of mammalian epithelial cells
  • Experience in DNA forensics
  • Experience with Robotics
  • Between 5'9" and 6'0" in height and medium build in case I need you to wear a custom built "suit"
  • Must code in Python, Haha, joking, we will write everything in C and Assembly

Ph.D. preferred.
Non-Drinkers preferred (I am a recovering alcoholic)
EMT Certified preferred.

Please send CV.

do NOT contact me with unsolicited services or offers

Update: Explained.

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Column Gear

I think if we could translate these squeaks, it would be saying "KILLLLLL MEEEEEEEE"

...and when you get to 0:41 and see the dudes in their matching uniforms of white t-shirts and faded jeans spastically jiggling their balls at it, it just gets a little too bukkake for comfort.

What hath god wrought.

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