I told you so, again

If you are not running xscreensaver on Linux, then it is safe to assume that your screen does not lock.

Once is happenstance. Twice is coincidence. Three times is enemy action. Four times is Official GNOME Policy.


  • Press the 'Menu' key on the keyboard
  • Press 'Esc'
  • Focus is now beneath the screen locker
  • Press Alt+F2
  • Start 'gnome-terminal'

This was sent to bugtraq a couple days ago, but it was actually reported two months before the similar GNOME bug that I ridiculed last year.

And here's another variant of it from August, which is possibly even easier: "Holding menu key causes window flood and desktop freeze." This probably means "hold down the Menu or Super key and wait for gnome-screensaver to run out of memory and crash, unlocking the screen."

I told you so, 2004 edition.

I told you so, 2005 edition.

I told you so, 2014 edition.

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