Today in mechanical jellyfish news:


Shylight unfolds by a system of springs, creating the form once out of the cocoon. Gravity lets it slight down and a motor controls the upward movement. The silk shade consists of many layers kept apart by the polished RVS.

Jennifer Townley: Bussola, Asinas

They consist of four hinged parts, converting a vertical movement at the bottom hinge into a horizontal movement on the two upper legs. Driven by a camshaft all the elements move, each with a small phase shift, in the same way. Creating a repetitive yet organic motion of the whole. The skeleton-like structure seems to behave like a natural organism that slowly moves forward through space.

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3 Responses:

  1. mattyj says:

    I bet this chick could fix the shit out of your automated blinds.

  2. foot says:

    Very similar to the strandbeest

    If you want to build a mini wind powered one, check this out;

  3. fffff says:

    I actually got a good look at Shylight while standing in line for the Late Rembrandt show last month. It was pretty fun. Looks more harmless and floral in person than on a computer.

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