The internet is leaking again. I can tell because of the pixels.


I just wish it came in white, because then it would be the perfect accent to my Imperial Formalwear that I did not even realize was missing until right now.

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6 Responses:

  1. Nick says:

    I can't tell which looks more ridiculous, but either way, it's definitely 2015 now.

  2. Pavel Lishin says:

    I want one, but I don't $278 want one.

  3. If anything said "I need to be made of carbon-fiber" it's this tie.

    • flodadolf says:

      "This carbon-fiber necktie is so light that we added weights of pure depleted uranium to each end to prevent it from strangling you in a mild breeze."

      (I've actually only handled finished carbon fiber a few times, mostly when the local Wal-Mart had, for some reason, a stock of carbon fiber Zefal water-bottle holders for bikes. Its mass wasn't zero, but it did feel impossibly-light in the hand: I genuinely questioned at the time if the plain cardboard peg-hook packaging was heavier. And it was indeed a light-enough thing that - despite not being a necktie - its lack of mass might be an issue with wind where it a necktie.)

      (I seldom/never wear neckties, as I suspect of others here. And IMHO, they need mass or they fail worse than no necktie at all. In fact, IMHO, any necktie failure is always worse than no necktie at all, given this year of 2015AD. Everything that might be fun about a necktie is reduced as the mass of said necktie approaches zero**.)

      **(It's impossible to wipe your face in a clandestine fashion using the back side of a necktie that is as free, or free-er, than the falling leaves of the trees.)

      ***: Oh, and so clothes aren't for cleanliness at it relates to one's own body? I'll remember that the next time I show up at my/your/their pool party. (You'll want my clothes back on me soon, but you've been warned.)

  4. robert_ says:

    Maybe DNA Lounge should sell branded ones in its shop.

  5. TLDR says:

    It looks very 'fashion shoot only', although I don't cringe as much as I did seeing a clip-on pixel tie in the wild.

    Next-in-wearable-tech dept: animated dazzle tie.

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