Stupid domain tricks

I wondered what other animal TLDs exist besides .horse: Only .fish! Not even .gopher!

But reading through the list, I see that .bar exists, and some domain-squatting company in Mexico has registered -- well played, señor -- though it doesn't point anywhere -- boo.

I'm somewhat offended that Google has squatted .foo for themselves. They have some dumb thing at I'll bet they're pissed that someone snagged before them. <nelson>Ha ha.</nelson>.

But I am really happy to report that the guy who, back in 1994, had control of the email address has it back again! For some time there, this important relic of history was lost to us.

Speaking of .bar, there's .beer and .vodka but no other boozes.

I actually laughed out loud when I saw that the purpose of .ninja is "general expertise". Then I realized they didn't mean actual ninjas and general expertise in ninja-ing, they really just mean douchebags, and then I got really sad.

Nobody has registered or

.wang exists, but not .boobies or .poop or .💩, which I think would be spelled .xn--ls8h. See also Poopla, 💩.la. And though .la is maybe not what you think, .nyc is, but there is no .sf.

Even though this proliferation of TLDs is completely stupid, I'm glad that .fail exists, just so that I can point out that does not exist but should.

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17 Responses:

  1. I thought I was bored....

  2. I thought I was bored....

  3. J. Peterson says:

    Briefly, back in the day gopher was an internet thing.

    You haven't snagged dna[lounge].bar?

    • Mark says:

      Briefly, back in the day gopher was an internet thing.

      Wow, good point! What an amazing coincidence, that, out of all possible animals, our host chose that exact one to single out as something that you might expect to be a TLD, but isn't.

  4. ajs124 says:

    I actually bought $… every good tld was taken, even with the Umlaut in it (my name), so I got .name and .ninja.

  5. Jeff Clough says:

    I seem to recall pitchforks and torches being involved (as well as a multi-year, multi-committee fustercluck) when it was first suggested the TLDs be expanded.

    Time changes everything, I suppose. And by "time" I mean "money."

  6. Jonathan says:

    404 - that's!

  7. i like the .cat
    bought square cat whwo used to takein strays when she was sick and one of them was so messed up it ws square among lots of other things. she was great.

  8. The best email addy of all time is still Tony Finch's

  9. Dusk says:

    Should exist, but (alas!) cannot:

    % whois
    This name is reserved by the Registry in accordance with ICANN Policy.

  10. Jered says:

    That's no domain squatting company... that's the registrar!

  11. Karellen says:

    I'm mostly confused by the .website tld. If a company has <companyname>.website as the domain for their website, does that mean they think they need <companyname>.email separately for their email addresses? If not, why not? I simply can't imagine how the thought process behind that sort of decision might work.

  12. There's no .sf because all 2 character names are permanently reserved for ccTLDs.

  13. jwz says:

    Tags: poop, bike.

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