Coin sculptures

Robert Wechsler:

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  1. Note: when using power tools on coins, make sure they are secured really well. Ask me how I know.

    • James says:

      If you can prove it won't cause inflation, you can get Obama to mint trillions.

      • No idea what that means but it smells like douchetardery. Unusual for jwzblog.

        • James says:

          It would be foolish of me to try to lead you astray because if you found out you might tell me about the unsecured coin. The nearly two dozen states of emergency all have discretionary budgets because of the attempt to make platinum coins of any denomination illegal, which failed. However, if Obama abuses that power, the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency could be placed under regulatory supervision by the Fed, until inflation stabilizes. If I was Obama, I'd consolidate some fairly substantial subset of the benefits into universal basic income, given projections of the cost of solar power by some Department of Energy agency other than the Energy Information Administration, which last I checked was still headed by burrowed oil executives.

    • Eli the Bearded says:

      Welded secure? Or screwed down secure?

  2. Also, dilute hydrochloric acid is really good for cleaning pennies.

  3. Supraperplex says:

    The artist's name "Wechsler" means "(money) changer" in german.

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