Bathroom Simulator

I really question their physics model.

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6 Responses:

  1. Rick C says:

    I don't see how anyone who's ever been in charge of cleaning a public restroom can look on the idea of "put it in the sink" or "hang it in the shower" favorably.

  2. How do I get poop like that? All gummi bear diet?

  3. Angie Avdeef says:

    Gah! things that cannot be unseen. o.O

  4. Nick Lamb says:

    They admit up front that they can't really do fluid simulation. You'll notice we don't see a toilet flushed, a shower or sink run in the video. So virtually nothing about their bathroom actually works, it's just a room where you can fling poop around.

    Technologically this is way behind endoh1.c and that's a bit sad. Mankind, we can do better.

  5. mattyj says:

    I think the blue highlighted letters three seconds in pretty much says it all.

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