DNA Lounge: Wherein we have twelve really good bands on Friday.

Hey, come to this show, this Friday! A dozen indie rock bands will indie rock out for you. We're doing two stages with staggered set times, so you'll be able to see them all.

The thing that I like best about this show is that it's not fucking metal. You may have noticed that just about all of the live music we've done here in the last several years has been fucking metal. (And the occasional 30-year-old goth band.) This show is fucking not fucking metal, and so if you're interested in music of the "not fucking metal all the fucking time" variety, you should come out! Because it has been absolutely like pulling teeth to get non-metal bands in here. Help. Help.

Originally this was intended to be an even larger show and involve other venues on the block, maybe even a street closure. But that turned out to be entirely too many cats to herd.


[beeps despondently]

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Floral Penis Pattern:


Looking for a new french toile pattern blanket for your couch? Something that is nice flowery and with mildly offensive genitalia to your mother once she stares at it too long? This subtle floral penis pattern is for you!

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Bathroom Simulator

I really question their physics model.

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