And people say I'm hard to shop for.

Lot 107: Johnny Mnemonic, mixed media life size prop model of a biomechanical dolphin, 85". $3,500.

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Penny Farthing + Strandbeest = Boneshaker Big Wheel

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Uber's security is as top notch as we've come to expect

Stolen Uber Customer Accounts Are for Sale on the Dark Web for $1 Each

A username and password is all you need to access a user's trip history, which may include personal details such as a home address. While full credit card information is not exposed, the last four digits and expiration date of the user's card are viewable in a user's account.

Motherboard received a sample of names and passwords available and verified that at least some of the accounts were active by contacting those users. The data includes names, usernames, passwords, partial credit card data, and telephone numbers for Uber customers. [...]

"Work[s] perfect," was the feedback left by one customer; "speedy delivery" was from another. [...]

It's unclear where the data came from or the scale of the breach. These logins may indicate that Uber's security was hacked or compromised somehow, although the company says it has found no evidence of a breach. [...]

This isn't the first time that Uber has had data leak in some form. As many as 50,000 of its drivers may have had personal details exposed. Uber said that in September 2014 one of the company databases "could potentially have been accessed by a third party," according to Slate, and Uber said that only the drivers' names and license plates could have been accessed in that breach. The twist is that Uber reportedly left the key for that database on a publicly accessible page on Github.

In another incident, Uber accidentally left part of its internal lost and found database -- which included driver and customer names and some numbers -- public on the open internet.

Editor's note: Our legal team asked us to advise you, dear reader, that buying stolen login info from the internet is illegal and you should definitely not do that, so don't.

It's ok, I'm sure The Market will take care of this.

Oh wait! The Market has taken care of this!

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"What if powerful and intimidating Bar Rescue host Jon Taffer interrupted anime demons having cybersex on Twitter?"

Anime cybersex roleplay consists of people pretending to be anime characters, often with supernatural powers, and acting out explicit sex scenarios on Twitter. The worlds of anime cybersex roleplay and Bar Rescue are rarely combined.

@FEAR_REBORN He watches as the city slowly destroys itself, neighbor turning on neighbor, brother on sister, chaos
@JonTafferRP He'd be better off watching this freakin' bar. You know that table in the corner has been waiting 45 minutes for their nachos?
@FEAR_REBORN And he's waited years to be free
@JonTafferRP I don't embrace excuses - I embrace solutions. What do YOU think needs to be done to save this bar?
@FEAR_REBORN it should be burned along with all of it's memories and dumpster children who were born too early to be wanted
@JonTafferRP Shame, too. The demographics in the neighborhood screamed for the nightlife only that bar could provide.
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Giant robot ants. Giant robot butterflies.


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Sphincter says what?

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There's a disassembled pipe organ under Union Square

The Citizens' Committee To Preserve The San Francisco Municipal Pipe Organ

San Francisco's Exposition Organ is one of the last remaining vestiges from the Panama-Pacific International Exposition of 1915. Considered a prime example of the art of symphonic organ building, this 40-ton treasure has been heard by hundreds-of-thousands of people and has played a pivotal role in San Francisco's musical culture for almost 100 years. [...]

In 1989, the Loma-Prieta earthquake damaged the organ rendering it inoperable. The Exposition Organ was removed for repairs and now fully restored is ready to be erected and heard again by citizens and tourists alike. [...]

The near fully-restored Exposition Organ is a 40-ton instrument with an 800+ square foot footprint. It's sonic field needs a room with several million cubic feet of space as its soundboard. Finding a suitable location large enough and accessible for public enjoyment is a big challenge.

The Armory is a great choice for a location, just based on the opportunity for "pipe" and "organ" jokes alone...

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WordPress poll plugin?

Dear Lazyweb, is there a WordPress poll plugin that you like?

There are a bunch of them, but the thing I'm most worried about is, which one is least likely to open up a gaping security hole in my site?

The fact that there are a bunch of them makes me suspect that many folks have considered writing a poll plugin to be their "learning experience", and with PHP, that does not augur well for security.

Hoping for: polls are inline in a post (not a sidebar); questions are multiple choice, boolean, numeric-range; multiple questions in a single poll; authenticate in the same way as posting a comment (in other words, not overly concerned about ballot-box-stuffing).

Livejournal did this pretty well.

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Wikipedia: Repository of All Human Knowledge

List of cats - Famous Pet Cats of Gorillas
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The spice expands consciousness. The spice extends life. The spice must flow.

A Review on Night Enhancement Eyedrops Using Chlorin e6

The patent claims that a mixture can be made which, when applied to the eye, will absorb to the retina and act to increase vision in low light. The mixture put forth in the patent is a simple combination of Ce6 and insulin in saline. It is mentioned in the same, that dimethlysulfoxide (DMSO) can be used in place of the insulin. We propose a combination of the two could lead to the most noted effects. For testing purposes, the mixture from the patent (Ce6, Saline, Insulin) was used with the addition of DMSO for increased permeability.
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