youtubedown handles 1080p and 4K now

I updated youtubedown to support 1080p and 4K video. Let me know if it breaks.

Some time last year, Youtube stopped serving up usable videos in any resolution higher than 720p. They used to offer 1080p and 4K (formats 37 and 38) but those are no longer offered. Apparently the new party line is that for anything higher than 720p, you are expected to download a 1080p video stream that has no audio in it, and a separate audio stream that has no video in it, and mux them on the client side.

Which is convenient and awesome.

So now youtubedown does that, if you have ffmpeg installed. If you don't have ffmpeg, or if you specify --no-mux, you max out at 720p like before.


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  1. Doug Fort says:

    Thanks for continuing to support youtubedown. FWIW I had to install to get this release to work.

  2. Doug Fort says:

    ZOMFG! I can't believe how much better a hi res video looks.

  3. Fraz says:

    You are doing The Lord's work.

  4. Pedro says:

    One question: does youtubedown work with paid channels? They used to work in XBMC but stopped a few months ago. Since youtube-dl can't handle them either, I'm reduced to using the mightily sucky youtube client built into my smart tv.

    Sorry for asking instead of trying, but I can test it where I am right now.

  5. Ryan Russell says:

    I feel confident that when they require putting the streams together on the client side, they have provided a robust synchronization mechanism, so they don't get out of sync, am I right?

  6. andr00 says:

    This script has saved me a lot of pain - thank you for keeping it working for so long.

    At first I thought the muxing part wasn't muxing right, but it turned out I just couldn't use the vorbis audio I was getting from the audio-only stream. So thanks, also, for commenting everything:

    2955: # '-vcodec', 'copy', # no re-encoding # YES RE-ENCODING
    2956: # '-acodec', 'copy',

    • jwz says:

      Got an example URL that wasn't creating usable muxed files?

      • andr00 says:

        The file gets properly muxed, but only the video stream is readable by apps such as Premiere, which don't seem to like vorbis audio.

        • jwz says:

          Grab the latest version. A few days ago I excluded Vorbis audio from muxing. I think the real situation is that you can/should only mux MP4+M4A, and WebM+Vorbis, no miscegenation. But since there are no cases where WebM is available but MP4 is not, that doesn't matter.

          • andr00 says:

            I confirmed that the current version is picking compatible formats now, for a variety of previously problematic URLs. Everything is wonderful.

    • Jeremiah Edward Cornelius says: has a cross-platform Firefox extension that handles this transparently, for Youtube DL.
      They seem to have a reasonable privacy policy, for an outfit supplying free, highly functional browser extensions.

      The venerable jDownloader v2 series will DL all kinds of separated or muxed streams when supplied a Youtube URL - including the leeching of an entire playlist. Like the extension, it is cross-platform (Java/Swing) and I have used it on Linux, OpenBSD and OSX - Windows too. (cough). There are config options allowing a user to specify which streams preferred for filtering/selection.

      • jwz says:

        Doesn't sound like it does anything that youtubedown doesn't -- except making me install Java...

        • Jeremiah Edward Cornelius says:

          > Doesn't sound like it does anything that youtubedown doesn't -- except making me install Java...

          P'raps not. But how else will you get the Ask toolbar.

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