New Shriekback album comes with 3d printed fish.

Without Real String or Fish, Ultimate Merch-Out:

4: a flurry of digital string, nestled within which is

5: a 3D print of a real sea bass, after re-contextualisation. Only 50 in existence, numbered with a hand-crafted gilding metal tag. Access to the 3D files so you can print your own (possibly further customised) version is available on request.

7: in the Ultra-Deluxe package, available for a further £200, Shriekback will compose a 2 minute piece to your title.

Also of note,


3D scanned Shriekback today. We got melted into a 3 headed creature w a single anus. May become troublesome

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  1. David M.A. says:

    May become troublesome

    Yeah, I can see sharing an anus with your bandmates not, uh, ending well.

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