jwz mixtape 148

Please enjoy jwz mixtape 148, the first mixtape of 2015. Since it's Groundhog Day, you're going to have to watch this one for at least ten years.

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  1. Matt Sayler says:

    No one expects the Halloween mix in February

  2. nooj says:

    A way to consume jwz mixtapes.

    1. Get some kind of a YouTube downloader. Download the playlist.
    Make sure you can easily look up the YouTube ID for each song. youtubedown does this with the --suffix argument.

    2. Rename the files so they show the title and artist and YouTube ID. Use jwz's title/artist list as your authority; he knows more about the artist than you do.

    3. Add the playlist to iTunes. Use the "Parser (Song Names)" script to fix up the iTunes metadata.

    4. (optional) Use jwzlyrics (but only AFTER you put the artist in the artist field).

    5. Listen to the songs at your leisure. Rate them. (See below.) It doesn't matter what your rating system is, just make sure they don't all get the same score.

    6. Look up other songs by artists you like. Immediately Google search the band and see if they are on tour!

    This is the great thing about jwz's recommendations: the bands are usually new bands, and you can go see them for about $20, at a cozy, intimate venue. Show up early and make friends with the other concertgoers, because they probably have great taste in music.

    7. Life's too short to listen to crap! Skip forward or hit next if you don't like the song. Delete songs you definitely don't like.

    8. If you get tired of listening/rating music, stop. Come back later.

    A way to rate songs:

    1. Uncheck all songs in the playlist so iTunes won't auto-advance.

    2. Play a song while you do something else.

    3. Rate each song BEFORE playing the next song. Even if it takes you a few minutes to get around to rating the song, you'll remember your opinion. If you let a bunch of songs play, you won't remember which you liked or hated or how much.

    All songs will be rated in less than a day. ish.

    4. Repeat with all other playlists. Stop and come back some other day when you get fatigued.

    Soon you will have a large list of songs you like! Share them with friends. I find texting a url "youtu.be/YOUTUBEID" is the most reliable way to ensure your friend will actually listen to it.

    Build yourself a playlist of stuff you like.

    • nooj says:

      3.5. If you can't figure out what rating to give, just skip that song. The point is not to rate everything; you're looking for videos you like and getting rid of videos you hate.

  3. nooj says:

    My brother's reply on what the foreign characters in the intro of track 20, Miss Ko "Ready, Set, Drunk" means:

    This part (葛仲珊) in Japanese is "arrowroot" "relationship" "centimeter" so I assume it's Chinese or Taiwanese. Where is Miss Ko from?

    一杯起 probably does not say "Ready, Set, Drunk":

    ー in Japanese is the number one (1), and I bet it's the same in Chinese.

    My Japanese translator says 一杯 is "one glass (of drink)" and 起 is like wake up or "rouse". So maybe it's wake up and drink? Or have a drink when you wake up?

    Fuck it, ready set drunk sounds good.

  4. Carey says:

    I'm just gonna leave this here: http://labs.echonest.com/Uploader/index.html

  5. nooj says:

    Here are some videos you may enjoy:

    Track list:
    1. Junior Boys "Parallel Lines" (I need more dancing horses in my life.)
    2. Lemaitre "Fiction" (This is Fred. He's a foley artist.)
    3. Sırma "Trigger" (Sırma Munyar. I also like "Desire".)
    4. Idgy Dean "Indian Squirrel Dance"
    5. Legend "Benjamite Bloodline" (Icelandic duo)
    6. Krewella "Enjoy the Ride" (This one sounds better muted.)
    7. The Shins "The Rifle's Spiral"