Great news for schizophrenics!

Strangers on the Internet Are Listening to People's Phone Voice Commands

I signed up for CrowdFlower myself and tracked down the post enlisting workers to analyze the voice-to-text examples, for one cent per 10 voice recordings they analyzed. [...]

"Consumers have a certain expectation about what's happening when they interact with a company. People don't like it when they think they're talking to a computer and they're not or vice versa," Soghoian told me.

And as one of the people who did listen to these recordings, I can understand why. There was no personal information or any way to identify the voices in the brief, one-to-five-second snippets. But there's something about hearing a total stranger say "love you. Send." that feels transgressive.

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DNA Lounge: Wherein we have the world's most awesome laptop stickers back in stock!

The laptop stickers are back in stock!

These are specially formulated to re-brand laptops. The DNA Lounge logo is a transparent cut-out. If you stick one of these over the glowing Apple logo on your laptop, the DNA logo will light up, and no other light bleeds through: no "Ghost Apple" glowing through, even in complete darkness.

No other sticker will do this! None!

You may recall that I spent literally years trying to find someone who could manufacture these stickers for us. We finally did find someone and there was much rejoicing! But the stickers were too awesome, and so we ran out of them more than a year ago. Unfortunately, when we tried to re-order them, the old sticker vendor said, "Oh, we don't do that kind of thing any more."

So then we spent more than a year trying to find someone else to do the same thing. You'd think the second time around would have been easier, since we could actually send them sample stickers as material samples, as an Existence Proof. But no.

If you were one of the dozens of people who said to me, "That's crazy, you must be doing something wrong, my buddy's sticker shop can make those, easy", you're wrong. Your buddy totally told us that he totally can't make those. (Or, your buddy just didn't respond to our calls or email at all, which is actually really common with sticker vendors.)

Unless your buddy works for Studio Graphics / Independent Studio Services, who are literally -- and I literally mean literally -- the only people on the planet who can do die-cut foil stickers.

Because these stickers are awesome and I want you all to to be wearing them, we're only charging $1 each for these, even though they cost us almost that much to manufacture, even when you don't count the zillions of hours wasted trying to figure out how to do that.

(Confidential to my staff: any time you see someone DJing here who has a giant, glowing Apple ad on stage with them that you can see from the back of the room, please offer to solve that problem for them by turning it into a DNA Lounge ad, gratis.)


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