Apparently Apple would prefer that I not activate 2-factor auth.

I was thinking about enabling it on my Apple ID, but that seems to be impossible.

I have no idea what the answers to my "security questions" are -- if I ever filled those out at all, I almost certainly just pounded my fists on the keyboard until the prompt went away -- and the alleged option to reset them using my recovery email address does not exist. Apparently the only recourse at this point, despite having two verified email addresses and a credit card in their system, is to call them on the phone and speak to some flunky like an animal.

So no 2-factor for me, I guess. Well played, Apple. Well played.


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Today in reservoir-pissing news

S.F. water manager faces suspension for urinating in reservoir

A mid-level San Francisco water manager is under fire for urinating into a reservoir that's a source of drinking water for 2.5 million Bay Area customers.

City Hall sources tell us that Martin Sanchez, a $111,000-a-year maintenance planner for the Public Utilities Commission, will probably be suspended without pay for the maximum five days allowed as a result of the Jan. 6 incident at the Priest Reservoir in the Sierra foothills near Sonora.

Utilities commission spokesman Tyrone Jue said the 674 million-gallon reservoir had been "completely drained" for maintenance when Sanchez used it as a urinal. Although the urine posed no health danger, Jue said, his action was "not acceptable." [...]

A commission insider sent us a copy of an anonymous complaint to higher-ups alleging that a number of employees had seen Sanchez urinate "several times" in the reservoir -- including the day they learned he had passed an interview for a management promotion and that they would soon be reporting to him.

At least this time they didn't "need" to drain it, since it was already drained. In the interest of full disclosure, I think you should know that I have peed in both the Atlantic and Pacific oceans, and so we'd better drain them right away.

"Water? Never touch the stuff. Fish fuck in it." -- W. C. Fields.

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Fare evasion is terrorism.

Not paying for Muni is apparently a gateway drug to suicide bombing.

Police believe it is good policy for anti-terrorism enforcement to include patrolling public transit for fare evaders, according to the department's former top transit officer.

The SFMTA, which operates Muni, uses funding from federal anti-terrorism grants to pay for fare evasion enforcement, via a group called the Muni Task Force.

Fare-evasion enforcement is a way to catching more serious criminals, Ali said, "who in some cases possess firearms while on Muni coaches."

Homeland Security representatives told The Examiner that extracurricular use of the funds may be legal if the Police Department says catching fare cheats is an anti-terror tactic, and if no one openly complains about the practice.

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