Curtain Door

Curtain Door

The massive door is made of 40 sections of thick Burma teak and sits between the entrance's concrete walls. Each section has been carved to incorporate 160 pulleys, 80 ball bearings, one wire rope, and a hidden counterweight. When closed, the door just looks like a huge, horizontally slatted wood door. Push on the door and the wood feathers out into a beautiful curve.

How is there no video of this door in operation? I can't even

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Exterminate all Rational Recruiting

@erowidrecruiter: A Markov-powered mashup of Erowid trip reports and tech recruiter emails.

moaning, holding ourselves to quell the inner pain: we are experiencing incredible growth.

I'm focused on UI development & implementation, with an indescribably furious power.

I remembered more of it, I see a desolate wasteland, and a wellness program --- our office is located in San Francisco

Good morning, I saw your profile looks like a very long profile and thought it looked like monsters and I am an executive recruiter

Hi Zachary. We haven't spoken before, but I was still aware however, still alive to witness my imprisonment.

Hope your week is going to explode.

Kyle, My name is Jen Burns and I wanted to just follow the birds

Zachary, Apologies for the future.

Engineering teams based in both San Diego and New York City have a very high pitched scream.

front end engineer would literally make or break the next hour, I walked through this area for a while and then my face ended, and the rats.

Hi Kyle, My name was a river flowing, and a fan spinning in front of me

Full Stack RoR engineers to join and sacrifice babies, or kill me or join their expanding engineering team at Riviera Partners.

Your Specialties: Obsessed with keeping up-to-date with the underlying consciousness grid, god, gaian supermind, universal consciousness

Hello Kyle, I'm reaching out to you because I didn't die, didn't even recognize my parents at this point, will definitely work more on this

Hi Zachary, Hope your week is going horribly slow, i want this to end.

the doctors and nurses looked like worms or centipedes crawling in and we found your information online

We began to melt with the founders to learn more about what you think

The dose was for the team.

Candidate must be able to deal with the drug that i made

looking for an Engineer / Developer role, feel free to pass along to anyone you think might be a brutal mental experience

the power to aggregate all of his family's toothbrushes and put them in my penis so that I find all this very, very frightening

Hadoop or MongoDB Express or other persistence, and I'm abjectly terrified.

We are building a platform which will be a good day and be close to death and I say gabbada, there are VERY CLEARLY TWO VOICES SPEAKING!

My pupils have literally engulfed my corneas; I look forward to hopefully working with 15 or 20 recruiters, but without the BS.

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The first three episodes of Haphead are out:

I contributed to the Kickstarter so I got to see the whole season already, and it's good!

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