Iron Man Turducken

Seriously, why is there an Iron Turducken??

Why does his helmet need a helmet??

Yo Dawg, I heard you liked helmets so we put a helmet on your helmet so you can helmet while you helmet.

(Please don't answer that rhetorical question. I am sure your answer will be Neckbeard Dumb.)

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Reminder: Monsters Are Real

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Dazzle Room Mk II

Peter Kogler:

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Great news for schizophrenics!

Strangers on the Internet Are Listening to People's Phone Voice Commands

I signed up for CrowdFlower myself and tracked down the post enlisting workers to analyze the voice-to-text examples, for one cent per 10 voice recordings they analyzed. [...]

"Consumers have a certain expectation about what's happening when they interact with a company. People don't like it when they think they're talking to a computer and they're not or vice versa," Soghoian told me.

And as one of the people who did listen to these recordings, I can understand why. There was no personal information or any way to identify the voices in the brief, one-to-five-second snippets. But there's something about hearing a total stranger say "love you. Send." that feels transgressive.

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DNA Lounge update

DNA Lounge update, wherein we have the world's most awesome laptop stickers back in stock!

jwz mixtape 149

Please enjoy jwz mixtape 149.

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Is there a version of Text::Diff::HTML that actually works?

Text::Diff often goes into a busy-loop when diffing files that have only a few lines of changes. How's that even possible? Why, it's because instead of running and parsing diff, they reimplemented diff themselves in Perl. Because reasons. Seriously, look at Algorithm::Diff -- it reads like it was literally someone's homework assignment.

I just want to take two text files and get side-by-side HTML/colored output of the differences. Is there something simple that works, or do I have Two Problems?

Update: Because you have all failed me, I wrote this.

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Sterling Archer Draper Pryce

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