Youtube's joke of a fair-use appeal process, redux

Four and a half months after I posted it, and four or five copyright fire-drills later, it appears that the Lament Configuration Supercut is back up.

You can read updates on the whole sad saga here.

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7 Responses:

  1. Did youtube claim to be following DMCA? If so, sue them.

    • Julian Calaby says:

      This is discussed in the original article. My understanding is that it's essentially Youtube's own policy which is compliant with and smells like the DMCA, but isn't. I'm certain that at some point your legal options get neutered through terms of service and EULAs and stuff.

      Also, suing involves the application of money and lawyers.

  2. Ron Waldon says:

    DMCA takedowns are supposed to be in good faith. When a user successfully defends their online reputation by reversing a takedown, it should harm the takedown reputation of the reporting party. The fact that there are no repercussions for frivolous / lazy takedowns is the real problem here.

    • steve says:

      The joke of the youtube policy is that the people who file the dmca dispute are who you handle the appeal with, not youtube, not some other impartial body, but the company that said you are infringing on their copyright

  3. Nick Lamb says:

    I'm glad to see that worked in the end. Thanks for keeping us in the loop.

  4. The Spine says:

    Looks like you'll have to make it again. Just read that they're doing another one.