What the FUCK, iTunes

So this happened overnight:

I didn't even "upgrade" anything!

Do I now have to do a full reset and wait 2 days for all of my music to sync again?

Previously, previously.

Answer: Yes. Yes I do.

I tried dicking around with using ifunbox to delete medialibrary.sqlitedb but that didn't make "Other" transmute back into "Music". Then I used it to delete all the music, and after iTunes got unconfused it re-synced everything. Maybe this is marginally better than restoring from backup because I won't have to re-enter all of my passwords (iTunes's idea of "backups" being "don't actually back up anything that matters") but it's still going to take 2 days to do the sync.


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  1. Egan Hirvela says:

    I absolutely hate it when iTunes does weird shit like that. Now I wonder what all of that 'Other" stuff is.

    • relaxing says:

      "Other" is music that the iPhone somehow lost track of.

      It fucking happens to me all the time, because I don't have fucking 2 days to stand there with my phone tethered, waiting for the sync to finish.

  2. Egan Hirvela says:

    I absolutely hate it when iTunes does weird shit like that. Now I wonder what all of that 'Other" stuff is.

  3. Kevin Burke says:

    Exact same thing happened to me, I went so far as tracing the iTunes process with dtruss to see why it failed, but didn't see anything useful there. After restoring the phone 4 times I just resolved myself to only getting one good sync and then not syncing new music to it.

    As far as I can tell, at least in my case, the sync was hanging for hours at a time at "Waiting for changes to be applied", then when I tried to disconnect the phone, the phone or iTunes would get confused, lose track of the music on the device and mark it as Other. I haven't tested this extensively, as every time I test I need to restore the phone.

    I filed an Apple Radar with ID 19352376 but I'm not sure if you can see those.

  4. Tim says:

    This discussion may (or may not) be of help.

    • jwz says:

      As far as I can tell, that was some guy longwindedly saying I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT I'M DOING with a lot of screenshots. Great.

      • Tim says:

        Sure, but I can cut him some slack, because who else has any idea how this works?

        The takeaway that I had was:

        1. "Other" can represent cached streaming media.

        2. The cache leaks.

        3. Installing an app can cause garbage collection.

  5. Kyle Huff says:

    This mirrors all of my iTunes sync experiences over the last 3 years.
    I no longer try to put music on my iPhone, and I just count myself lucky if it can update apps without me having to spend 1/2 hour trying to purge stuff first.

    I bet there's a lot of awesome stuff orphaned inside those backup files though.

  6. Candy Kong says:

    iTunes backs up all your passwords except for your Apple ID when you choose to encrypt the backup. The password can be saved in the keychain too. Not sure why this isn't the default when using FileVault.

    • jwz says:

      No, it absolutely does not back up all passwords. You are wrong.

      • Micah says:

        From http://support.apple.com/en-us/HT4946

        Keychain. (Includes email account passwords, Wi-Fi passwords, and passwords you enter into websites and some apps.)
        If you encrypt the backup, you can transfer the keychain information to a new device. With an unencrypted backup, you can restore the keychain only to the same iOS device. If you're restoring to a new device with an unencrypted backup, you'll need to enter these passwords again.

        This matches my experience -- I encrypt my backups, and I never seem to have to re-enter a password on restores.

  7. kevin says:

    ya, it sucks...

    backup to itunes (encrypted backup).

    restore from iTunes.

    use itunes to update to newest iOS 8 (it uses dramatically less space on the iOS 8 device that way). I only use the over the air update for point releases

  8. bar says:

    Why does it make me smile when the cascade of paid developers' contempt bites you? I think it must be because I'm a bad person.
    "Apple bug reports are a permanent write-only black hole." --JWZ
    Isn't that soooooo much better than the CADT? Oh, you clearly think it is. Do enjoy thinking that. Think it harder. No harder.

    • relaxing says:

      Apple permits developer contempt. CADT ensures it.

    • jwz says:

      Anonymous Coward Troll running Chrome on a Mac. Har har har. "Mozilla/5.0 (Macintosh; Intel Mac OS X 10_10_1) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/39.0.2171.95 Safari/537.36",

  9. relaxing says:

    This method is 100% cargo cult, but so far it has worked for me when I followed all steps. Either neglecting to swipe-kill all running apps or disable auto-lock has left me back in "Waiting for changes to be applied" hell, followed by the inevitable restore from backup.


    further madness:

  10. If only Steve Jobs could have waited to due until his consciousness was uploaded to a machine so he could forever haunt Apple developers we wouldn't be in this mess.

  11. DC Dan says:

    FWIW the latest iTunes mess and using the latest iOS if you encrypt your backups it will remember your passwords, I was horrified and pleasantly surprised at the same time, it even carried over my 2FA from Authenticator.

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