Today in Mechanical Screensaver news:

588×126 flip-dot display

Using it to display almost nothing but textual ad slogans was a despicable failure of imagination, but it's pretty sweet hardware.

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12 Responses:

  1. J. Peterson says:

    Impressive frame rate! Time to re-think the DNA sign curse?

  2. Julian Calaby says:

    I see dead pixels. Sadly.

  3. joe luser says:

    they seem to have harnessed the power between the pixels!

  4. We've moved on from "pornographers will be the driving force behind nee technologies" to a future where it's advertisers instead and now I made myself sad.

  5. Pronoiac says:

    This feels like a throwaway detail from William Gibson and Bruce Sterling's Difference Engine.

  6. dzm says:

    I see that thing at CES. Can't begin to tell you what the booth was our anything about the company. My only two thoughts were "giant E-ink display with huuuuge pixels" and "I absolutely want this to be in ${employer}'s lobby. Why can't we have nice things?"

    • What, you don't click through the transitive closure of the "previously" links and read all the comments? You're liable to get drummed out of the jwz fanboy corps for that!

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