The extremely blurry Wombats, and what appears to be Cthulhu

Not only my first show of 2015, but my first show in six weeks, and only the second good show I've seen since the beginning of November. Why must this time of year be such a wasteland?

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  1. plumpy says:

    I get why there aren't a lot of east coast tours, but you'd think bands from winter climates would be jumping at the chance to tour the west coast. But yeah, it's so boring out there right now.

    Less than two more months until SXSW, which usually seems like the start of the touring season, even if you don't end up going this year. Are you still sticking with that? I'm going for my seventh year despite all of last year's problems. If this year is as much of a mess, I might reevaluate.

    • jwz says:

      No, I'm not going this year (for all the reasons). If someone else makes a torrent, I may slog through it, but I'm not going to put as much effort into it as I did last year, because of the terrible success rate I saw compared to every previous year.

  2. nooj says:

    Here, we have "Free Week", in mid-January, where a bunch of venues on Red River host shows. Lots of local acts, all of them in-state. Normally, no one wants to tour in the Winter, but people still like to go out! Every show I went to had over a hundred people. I saw some good bands!

    Young tongue:

    Guitar/drum duo Chipper Jones (named after the baseball player):

    And "The Bop English", just formed a few weeks ago with a couple of the members of White Denim. Bop English has no web presence yet, so here's a White Denim song:

    I just bought my SXSW badge!

    Speaking of SXSW and Free Week, I bumped into one of the reporters for British Music Embassy! He was a lot of fun to talk to. He was really into death metal, and didn't seem like the type to insist on vegan pizza, or work for BME, but then it's a funny world.

    We were at the death metal bar, and the bar closed, so of course we went to their pizza window out front. It's a popular place that time of night. Lo and behold, they have a wide variety of vegan pizza. Who knew? No, sorry, they don't serve alcohol. You have to go inside for that.

    As we talked, he kept asking where we could go to get another drink. Mind you, it was close to last call, but he had already been gently cut off. He kept going back inside and asking again, then coming out and asking me "Should we try another bar, just to see? It's possible, right? Cheers, should we try, just to see?" Why don't we finish our pizza first? "Oh, Cheers." He sits down, takes a few bites, looks in the pizza window: "Can I still get a beer?" Aaaand repeat. We all got a big kick out of it!

    I led us down the street, toward the after-hours clubs, and at every doorway, he would pop in or ask the bouncer if he could get a drink there. He was so unfailingly polite and British, it never got old, for me or the bartenders.

    The whole time, I kept thinking, "Brother, I don't know how the bars work where you live, but I REALLY want to go there!"