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Jesus Fucking Christ, iTunes.

This is a new one. This time it randomly decided that only most of my music is now Other.

Are there any tools that will let me diddle the phone to turn Other back into Audio without deleting and re-syncing it all?

Failing that, I am now accepting suggestions for ways to sync MP3 files from a Mac to an iPhone without going through iTunes or iCloud or any other cloud service, and without jailbreaking. Does that exist? (If you are thinking of suggesting something that does not precisely match all of those criteria, please don't.)

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Seattle police pepper sprayed a teacher who was walking and talking to his mom

Serving and protecting the living shit out of you:

A Seattle-area high school teacher who was pepper-sprayed by police at a rally on Martin Luther King Jr. day has filed an intent to sue the city and its police force for $500,000.

Hagopian's lawyer, however, doesn't have much faith in the city's ability to hold itself accountable.

"They're not going to respond," Bible said on Friday afternoon. "I would not be surprised if the city of Seattle finds yet another way to absolve itself of any wrong-doing. They've made a mockery of accountability and until that changes, we're not holding our breath."

I can't wait to find out how much paid leave and workers' comp money this fine officer ends up being punished with.

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Google never would have taken the Lord's name in vain had they known the mic was live.

YouTube Says Zoë Keating's Claims Are 'Patently False'

YouTube is now aggressively responding to Zoë Keating's post about Music Key, calling her claims about content removal 'patently false'. They have also demanded a retraction from Digital Music News. [...]

[Update: Sat. morning: After discovering that Keating was taking detailed notes of her conversation with a YouTube representative, YouTube appears to be re-grouping to clarify their policies and figure out exactly what artists are being told. They have also not clearly explained why they are demanding a retraction from Digital Music News. More as it develops.]

[Update: Monday morning: No response yet. YT told DMN on Friday that they were 'reaching out' to Forbes as well; Forbes hasn't changed a very similar headline]

Wait for them to throw a random employee under the bus, issue a fauxpology about your failure to understand what they really meant, then "clarify" their terms in a way that actually changes nothing, in 3, 2, 1...

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Bodily Candle

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