DNA Lounge: Wherein Above DNA has video.

We have our first video camera in Above DNA now, so you can watch as well as listen to shows up there! Just one camera for now, but we'll add additional views eventually.

We still have only one outbound video stream, though, so we can only do video for one event at a time, so the main room has priority (if we have two events, that's the one you see). But if Main is closed and Above is open, we show that one.

Live audio-only streams and archives are available from both rooms all the time, though (since late 2013.)

And here's our last batch of Christmas-themed galleries, plus the first Hubba of 2015:

Bootie: Hubba Holiday Show
Bootie: Santacon
So Stoked
Bootie: NYE Shit Show
Hubba Hubba: Warrior Women
Seeing Kingfish and Ariyana re-enacting What's Opera, Doc? touched my childhood in a very special way. If you missed it, rumor has it that they'll be doing it again at the Easter show.


Weyland-Yutani: Building Better Creme Eggs

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"A short interactive music video game thing."

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