I Read and Replied to Every Single PR Email I Received for a Week:

At one point I get an email about USA Insulation -- "the country's largest retrofit insulation company" -- opening a location in Rockland County, so I reply by telling the publicist that my parents live near Rockland County and that I'll give them a heads up, and I feel bad not following through on this promise, so I forward the announcement to my parents and my mom just replies, "Why?" That's it, that's her entire email, which is probably how I should have replied to the publicist in the first place. The publicist writes back and lets me know that USA Insulation "covers a 60-mile radius" and is "really a top-notch insulation business," but I don't share these additional details with my mom.

Also, A Conversation With the World's Most Self-Loathing PR Person:

I was sitting, looking at my inbox, which suddenly started sprouting... these little CES pitches. So I saw these emails and I said, "Why don't I just start saying, 'Can you send me more information on Updog?'"... They'll just assume that someone wouldn't be cruel and silly enough to do this to them, so I just say, "Oh, can you send me this on Updog?" and the first one to respond was, "I'm sorry, what's Updog?" The glint in my eye that is just despising most of my industry is like, "Oh, nothing much, what's up with you?" Screenshot, post.

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Youtube's joke of a fair-use appeal process, redux

Four and a half months after I posted it, and four or five copyright fire-drills later, it appears that the Lament Configuration Supercut is back up.

You can read updates on the whole sad saga here.

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