Julian Assange spearheads funding drive for life-size statue of himself

Not The Onion:

The WikiLeaks founder has used the whistleblowing website's official Twitter account to publicise a funding drive for the creation of a life-size bronze public artwork featuring himself, Chelsea Manning and Edward Snowden, described as a "a monument to courage". [...]

He added that most of the £100,000 for the project would go towards transporting the artwork around the world and that nobody was being paid for taking part. The rest of the money will go towards the statue's creation at a foundry in Pietrasanta, Tuscany.

As a tone-deaf monument to ego and self-promotion, shouldn't Amanda Palmer be involved somehow?

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12 Responses:

  1. Nadya Doe says:

    LOL at your commentary....seriously.

  2. Nadya Doe says:

    oh, and to make it even worse, Chelsea Manning is going to be depicted "As she looked at the time the events happened." fuck you, assange.

  3. Bonus Like for the Amanda Palmer comment.

  4. You slay me, Jamie.

  5. That's Amanda "Fucking" Palmer to you, peon.

    I so want to punch her in that smug mouth of hers.

  6. bar says:

    "Spearheads funding drive for life size statue of himself.
    Which apparently translates into non-hatchet-job english as Assange used the wikileaks account to retweet someone describing the existence of a kickstarter organised by Vaugh Smith of a statue of Chelsea Manning, Edward Snowden, Julian Assange and an empty chair." Vaughn Smith is notable as being the founder and owner of the Frontline Club for War Correspondents in London and for having Assange stay with his family when he was under house arrest. The wkileaks account which you can find here:


    has in recent times also retweeted US Senator Diane Feinstein web link to the so-called torture report, Richard Branson's dispariging comment on swedish drug laws, a satirical account called "The daily Rupert" which, in a break from satire, was showing a BBC writer presently writing a drama series about Wikileaks, advocating Assange's murder to be carried out by the police with a gun in public.

    Fuck accurate reporting is dull, huh?

    Whatever you think of Julian Assange it really is instructive to read one of the so-called established newspapers reporting on him where he always seems to sound totally batshit insane, then go and find the source of their reporting which is usually published and dead easy to get. You may disagree with Assange and strongly so but whatever you do get from it is wildly different to what was being served to you. Try it sometime, you may not read the newspaper in quite the same way again. Worked for me but YMMV. I guess he should have MT'd rather than RT'd and commented that he agreed totally with the other two choices of hero, he found his own lionisation embarrassing but it's nice to know not everybody hates him and wants him murdered. Yeah that's a pretty valid criticisim of his Twitter etiquette, shame on him, shame! I hope he feels the hate he is due for that.

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